About Us


ARG Transportation Services is a diversified transportation company providing rail and rail-related services.

ARG Transportation Services was founded by David Parkinson, former chairman of the ParkSierra Group of shortline railroads which included the Arizona & California, California Northern, and Puget Sound & Pacific railroads. He joined with John Dugan, formerly of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, to create the successor to ParkSierra Group.

The Arizona Railroad Group started in October, 2003 when it acquired the San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad (SPSR) from RailAmerica, Inc. The Arizona Railroad Group changed its name to ARG Transportation Services to emphasize its services beyond Arizona and expand its offerings to other rail-related services.

In 2010 the company was sold to David’s son, Scott Parkinson, who continues to oversee its growth and diversification. The company is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. ARG is focused on rail related transportation activities with other communities and businesses throughout the country.

In 2011 ARG was awarded the concession to operate the Coos Bay Rail Link for the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay. The railroad connects the Port with the Class I railroad network in Eugene, Oregon. ARG started rail service in October, 2011 as the Coos Bay Rail Link (CBR). With the addition of its second railroad ARG created the ARG Railroad Services division to oversee the operations of both current railroads and any subsequent additions and moved its headquarters to Eugene.

In 2014 Coos Bay Rail Link was named Railway Age’s Shortline Railroad of the Year.

In 2018 ARG divested its two shortline railroad operations to concentrate on track and bridge repair and maintenance through its subsidiary “ARG Track and Structures.”