ARG Transportation Services offers various rail-related services:

  • Class III Shortline Railroad Operations. As the operator of both the San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad (SPSR) and the Coos Bay Rail Link (CBR) we have the management team and programs / procedures ready to take on operations of another shortline railroad in short order.
  • Transloading. ARG offers truck-to-rail and rail-to-truck “transloading” services at both of its operating subsidiary railroads. Transloading expands the reach of railroads to make rail-access available to customers who aren’t resident on a rail line. We can coordinate additional transloading on our existing railroads or provide product handling at other locations.
  • Contract Switching. ARG provides contract switching services to the Central Arizona Commerce Park in Casa Grande, Arizona through its subsidiary railroad, the San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad. Adhering to industry best practices and operating under Class III shortline railroad rules, ARG offers efficient and safety-focused switching to private industry or government customers.
  • Railcar and locomotive repair services through its subsidiary, ARG Mechanical Services.